How It Works?

Looking for a summer internship that will set you up for a successful future? Welcome to PocketMoney Coupons! Join our team and get connected with dozens of Fortune 500 companies!

  • “The training conference is great, you get to meet a lot of students from other schools and I don't know a lot of internships that will actually train you before you start!”

    Breanna Hampton
  • “One of the main reasons I took this internship was as a student I have used this product every year for the last 4 years and I love it!”

    Alisha Rancone
  • “This was hands down one of the best experiences of my life--in terms of personal development, growth, building relationships, learning skills, personal communication, resilience, and what hard work really is, and how to come out of your shell!”

    Bryan Brache
  • "Whether sales is the career that you wish to pursue or not, interning at PocketMoney Coupons pushes you to grow in ways that you wouldn't have imagined, giving you universal skills needed to be successful in any career path"

    Armani Hafeez
  • “It changed me over the summer because I have a lot more confidence now talking with people. I learned how to control conversations and negotiate with people"”

    Hoke Morrow
  • “It's hard work but its fun and exciting. It's such a great feeling when you make a sale! You really feel proud of yourself!”

    Michael Maggio
  • “Your managers really want to see you succeed and see you learn. My favorite part was that constant support!”

    Leah Scrybalo
  • “My favorite part was taking that journey with a business owner, every step of the process from meeting someone, running the meeting, and taking it to the yes!”

    Sam Hammer
  • “This was a great way to gain experience that I'll use once I graduate college! This internship is like no other!!”

    Sheridan Loney
  • “This experience helped me apply some of the things I've learned throughout my college experience and use them in a real world environment!”

    Thomas Raleigh
  • “I would really recommend this internship to anyone, regardless if they want to work in sales or marketing, because you learn a lot about your strengths and weaknesses. This helped me prepare for what I want to do after college!”

    Tiffany Dorn
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