About Us

PocketMoney – We Specialize In College Marketing

At PocketMoney, we are educators with decades of sales, marketing, and training experience. With this experience we’ve created an invaluable internship that will result in the Students learning a new skill set, gaining confidence and accelerating their personal growth. To facilitate this learning process, we work hand in hand with career centers, business schools and professional clubs across the Southeast bringing real world experience to the students.

During this Internship, the students will be creating a PocketMoney mobile app filled with customer coupons, selling websites, and social media management and marketing. This will help the local business owners grow their business and help their fellow students save money when going to their favorite hot spots! Our Interns get hands on experience in sales and marketing by working one on one with local business owners on their direct marketing strategies aimed at increasing their student demographics.

We have developed a training and mentoring program that works with the students all summer to guarantee their success. We don’t stop there. After the summer, we connect the Interns with dozens of mid-sized up to fortune 500 companies. These Career Partners actively recruit our Interns for job placement after graduation.

We at PocketMoney believe strongly in giving back to the community. Along with helping connect students to career jobs and helping the local businesses grow; we donate a percentage of every sale to a worthy charity. This year a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the scholarship funds for the American Marketing Association; an education focused group that is committed to helping develop today’s college student. So you can feel good knowing that you’re part of helping to develop and support these ambitious young adults with every sale!

At PocketMoney, our main focus is on the students. We will help them grow, give them real world experience, and help them land “that” job after graduation!