Career Partners

Our Career Partners provide invaluable employment opportunities for PocketMoney interns upon graduation!

Over the years, we have helped thousands of college students launch successful careers with prestigious companies in diverse industries. The PocketMoney summer internship program is the perfect foundation to get your foot in the door with our career partners. Our graduates have established themselves as leaders in Pharmaceutical Sales, Marketing, Real Estate, Professional Sports Teams, Media Sales, Finance, Insurance, Public Relations Firms, Ad Agencies … the list goes on and on. Students enter our program as college students looking to jumpstart their career, and graduate the Account Executive Program as an asset to any potential employer. We’ve formed relationships with recruiters at these industry leaders in their respective fields to help our interns get into the careers of their choice after graduation. These companies want confident, experienced candidates with a proven track record of success, and that is exactly what our program provides!

If you work hard for us, we’ll work hard for you!

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